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22 May
There’s Good News About the Labor Movement in the South

Yes, the United Auto Workers lost last week in Tuscaloosa. But you probably haven’t heard about the recent union victories in the region.

Read the full article at: newrepublic.com

22 May
Ricardo Torres sur LinkedIn : UAW Admits Digital Heavy, Organizing Committee Light Approach…

The UAW made many fundamental mistakes organizing the Mercedes plant in Alabama like relying mostly on electronic avenues of communication with the workers was…

Read the full article at: www.linkedin.com

21 May
US Undergrads Are Getting an Extracurricular Crash Course in Labor Organizing

Eleven new labor unions for undergraduate student-workers entered the fray in 2023 alone, and more are organizing.

Read the full article at: truthout.org

20 May
Disneyland character and parade performers in California vote to join labor union

Disneyland performers who help bring Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and other beloved characters to life have chosen to unionize following a three-day vote.

Read the full article at: apnews.com

19 May
Ricardo Torres on LinkedIn: Tampa Starbucks workers vote to unionize

Unions won’t stop organizing efforts.
The CWA spent six years organizing 40,000 New Jersey state workers, they spent five years to win card check recognition…

Read the full article at: www.linkedin.com

17 May
Ricardo Torres on LinkedIn: Alabama Mercedes plants will vote to join the UAW. How’s the union doing…

Regardless of the results of this UAW election at the Mercedes plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, taking place between May 13-17, 2024, the UAW will not stop their…

Read the full article at: www.linkedin.com

17 May
Ricardo Torres on LinkedIn: The “Troublemakers” of the Labor Movement Gather in Chicago

Labor is energized, confident and trying to rebuild the labor movement, Union members are consistently and aggressively promoting union organizing activity to…

Read the full article at: www.linkedin.com

17 May
Apple defeats union campaign at New Jersey retail store

Apple employees at a New Jersey retail store have voted against joining a union, potentially stifling momentum for a push to organise the tech giant’s workforce nationwide. Workers at the store in Short Hills, New Jersey, voted 57-41 against joining the Communication Workers of America (CWA) union in an el

Read the full article at: www.channelnewsasia.com

15 May
How NLRB Joint Employer Appeal Could Impact Your Business

The once-dead expanded rule is a step closer to being resurrected. Here’s how to protect your business.

Read the full article at: www.entrepreneur.com

15 May
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