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02 Feb
Axne Introduces Bill to Protect Workers’ Health Care During Strikes

Iowa Rep. Cindy Axne wants to right a wrong that was threatened during the UAW/John Deere strike.

Read the full article at: iowastartingline.com

02 Feb
King Soopers union approves new contract with Kroger

Workers from nearly 80 King Soopers approved a three-year contract with the chain’s owner, Kroger, on Tuesday, after workers had previously gone on strike due to dissatisfaction with what Kroger called its best and last offer at the time.

Read the full article at: thehill.com

01 Feb
US Job Openings Climb to 10.9 Million in December JOLTS Report

The December JOLTS report showed openings rebounding to 10.9 million, and over 4 million Americans quit their jobs for the sixth month in a row.

Read the full article at: www.businessinsider.com

01 Feb
Investors speak out on tech worker union battle at The New York Times

Investors are cautioning The New York Times management about its relationship with a new tech worker union, a signal of market concern about worker rights.

Read the full article at: www.cnbc.com

28 Jan
Amazon Threatened, Surveilled Workers Forming Union: NLRB Claim

Remedies would include mandatory training of managers and requirements for managers to inform workers of their right to unionize.

Read the full article at: gizmodo.com

28 Jan
LinkedIn News on LinkedIn: LinkedIn News Live: Let’s talk about unions

“I’ve never seen it in a [union] contract that ‘my boss can’t be a jerk.’”
When #workers are dissatisfied with their working conditions, i

Read the full article at: www.linkedin.com

27 Jan
Labor and Business News 1/27/2022

“Our management is quick to call veterans ‘our heroes,’ but they don’t show it in the way they run this facility,” said Ruby-Rose Hutchinson, RN, and director of National Nurses United – Miami VA, where she’s worked as a nurse for over 20 years.

Read the full article at: mailchi.mp

27 Jan
To Avoid a Strike, the UAW at the Corvette Assembly Plant has Four Demands for Management

The UAW Local 2164 at the Corvette Assembly Plant rejected management’s latest offer for a local contract with these four demands that remain outstanding that the Union wants to settle.

Read the full article at: www.corvetteblogger.com

25 Jan
Biden’s Shot-or-Test Rule Abandoned After Supreme Court Loss (1) 

The Biden administration is withdrawing its Covid-19 shot-or-test rule for workers at large employers in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that blocked the measure from taking effect.

Read the full article at: news.bloomberglaw.com

25 Jan
LinkedIn News on LinkedIn: Tuesday Wrap-up, Dec 21

Here is your Tuesday Wrap-Up with Nina Melendez Ibarra, where you get the news that’s sparking today’s top professional conversations. We’d love t

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