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Fast Food, the NLRB and More

06 Feb

By: Ricardo Torres

PSLabor Talk

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Join Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants’ President & CEO, Rick Torres; Senior Labor Attorney with Nemeth Law, Cliff Hammond; and Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants’ Executive Vice President, Bob Carroll, as they discuss the progression of the unions’ attempts to organize fast food workers acrossAmerica with their $15 campaign. This movement aims far beyond the fastfood industry and is part of a much larger plan for big labor. Our panel of experts also reviews the pro-labor NLRB and other government agencies that are paving the way for increased organizing activities.

Ricardo Torres,
Bob Carroll
Clifford L. Hammond

Listeners of PSLaborTalk have come to appreciate our panels of former union officials, union organizers, labor attorneys and business leaders as we not only expose the unions’ plans, but also provide usefulsolutions to protect themselves from union attacks.

Rick Torres worked on a plan to organize fast food workers with the George Meaney Institute several years ago. Today we are seeing it unfoldin a very similar fashion to Torres’ original plans. Who better to helpexplain why the unions are so aggressively targeting fast food, and howthe plan is designed to affect other industries and the long-term growth of unions in general? Most importantly, you will learn how to protect yourself and your company from these attacks.

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