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The UAW’s Transformation over Time

07 Feb

By: Ricardo Torres

PSLabor Talk

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Labor unions were a necessity in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s and became a background feature of our work culture. Over time, though, the need for unions has almost disappeared and their importance in our culture has dwindled. Have you ever wonderedwhy?

Ricardo Torres,
Doug Grima
Bob Carroll

PSLC Senior Consultant, Doug Grima, joins Bob Carroll to talk aboutthe changes that have taken place in the unions since he first signed aunion card in 1973. Since then, the unions have reached a point where they barely pay any attention to work conditions or workers’ rights and focus almost solely on the unions’ need to collect dues and bank dollars. Doug provides examples from his tenure with the union where labor leadership showed that money always outweighed “brotherhood”.

Listen to Doug’s journey from an 18-year-old UAW member, to UAW Committeeman, to UAW Local President and finally to working exclusively with management across the country to maintain their union free advantage through positive employee relations.

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