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Ask a Union Organizer: Unionizing FAQs! —

16 Sep

By: Ricardo Torres


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We asked you to share your questions about unionizing. Here are some quick answers to your top five questions.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.reprojobs.org

Very basic questions and answers from a union organizer on an introductory 101 level but regardless an Interesting read. I have never heard of this organization before but It appears that their vision statement is to bring social and labor movement’s together for a united front. This is nothing new, labor strategists have been trying to cement coalition’s between the movements for decades, but has gained ground during this pandemic and economic crisis we are currently experiencing. Even through this organization doesn’t appear to be very sophisticated, and it has existed for some years, it is worth repeating that there is some growing collaborations between social and labor organizations created out of our present multiple crises. Their “about us” statement reads “ReproJobs believes in the radical possibility that organizations within the reproductive health, rights, and justice movements can lead the progressive movement by providing healthy, supportive, and empowering workplace environments that include inclusive cultures, generous policies, and thriving wages.”

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