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About us

PSLC Executive Summary

Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, Inc. (PSLC) is an international labor relations and human resource consulting firm specializing in maintaining an union free work environment.

We achieve our high results by directly educating and communicating with employees during union campaigns and by acting proactively with enhanced positive managerial corporate education and the promotion of positive relationships between management teams and the company’s workforce.

This is accomplished by utilizing former high-ranking union officials, organizers, and senior level human resource executives within the PSLC response team.

Our Heritage

Ricardo Torres, President and founder of Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, began his career lobbying Congress on behalf of the unions for AFL-CIO.

Ricardo then moved on to work in several high-level roles in the unions leading up to working as both International Organizing Director and International Strike Director with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) and the United Steelworkers of America (USW).

Ricardo has brought more than 1,000 campaigns to election throughout the world. As a result of his success as a union official, Ricardo was instrumental in building the curriculum for the development of advanced organizing tactics in both Healthcare and Non-Healthcare industrials  at the AFL-CIO George Meany Center for Labor Studies/National Labor College.

He counseled many unions while they developed new strategies and tactics. In fact, many of these strategies and tactics are considered the cornerstone methodology by many labor organizations and are enthusiastically utilized today. During his time on the union side, Ricardo worked with a majority of the unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO, including many now affiliated with the Change to Win Federation.

During this time, Ricardo witnessed firsthand acts of deceit and corruption; often being asked to participate in unethical, and legally questionably, behavior. He could not live with this deceit and dishonesty. Thus, Ricardo left his position of power, authority and fortune to make a true, sincere, positive difference.

A difference that would ultimately have a long-term impact on employers and their employees by bridging the gap in communications between management and the workforce, while fostering transparency toward mutually appreciated success.

When Ricardo formed his new company in 2002, he thought long and hard about a name. The name Permanent Solutions was derived as result of Ricardo’s ambition “to provide true Permanent Solutions to issues that raise levels of employee engagement and morale while promoting positive employee relations without the need for third party representation.”

Permanent Solutions has an astounding win rate in full NLRB campaigns in the United States. Since opening for business in 2002, PSLC has only experienced 2 losses. This amazing record was made possible due to PSLC’s unique base of “Inside Edge” experience inside union leadership. At Permanent Solutions: “we know how unions think, when they are ready to act, and how to counter their every move.”

Our Mission

To build work environments where employees and employers work together to bring solutions to concerns while producing and/or providing service levels that exceed leaderships, employees and customer satisfaction expectations without the need for union representation.

Our Beliefs

In a rapidly changing global economy, PSLC believes in a labor relations policy that promotes flexibility, productivity, quality, fairness and equal opportunity to participate in decisions affecting one’s future success.

PSLC believes in an employee relations environment that values individual workers and is fundamentally pro-employee and pro-employer.

PSLC believes such practices emphasize direct, personal, and individual relationships among all in a concerted effort toward mutual success in business.
Although unions are often regressive and abusive, PSLC recognizes the legally protected rights of all employees to organize and form unions through the engagement of concerted activity and collective bargaining. More importantly, PSLC appreciates the same legal protection which respectfully allows employees to remain union-free, preserving their individuality and business transparency.

Though it recognizes organized labor’s rich heritage and its role in the progression of workers’ rights, PSLC does not endorse compulsory unionism. PSLC believes in the freedom of choice.

Therefore, PSLC opposes laws, government policies and company etiquettes which foster institutional power of unions to the detriment of individual employee freedoms and the expansion of business opportunities.

As one of our principals at Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants we urge you to position your beliefs to not present yourself as an employer as anti-union as this causes a negative reaction when workers start looking into unionization.

If you change your position with a pro-employer and pro-employee stance you are much more likely to not be in a position of facing union organizing activity.

Being union-free allows you the privilege of maintaining an environment of open communication among all employees, both hourly and management.

Most importantly, respect the individual rights of your employees and encourage everyone to express his/her ideas, suggestions, comments or concerns.

Finally, all employees must understand that a company does not believe there is a need for third-party representation: Every employee should have the ability to speak freely for him/herself without having to pay hard-earned money to a union in order to be heard and have issues resolved.

As the uncertainty of the current economic crisis wages on, union representation may seem more appealing than ever to workers who are concerned about job security, wages and benefits. The truth of the matter is that unions target companies that are profitable, and while many of these companies have had to make changes to remain competitive, they are still in the sights of unions. However, when they cannot seem to make headway into well-run companies, unions will vilify a company working to maintain profitability by engaging in orchestrated corporate campaigns.

At some facilities, employees are surrounded by unionized personnel as a matter of their work environment. Many of the unionized workers will purposely solicit employees to join them even though their decision to unionize has yet to prove its value. By openly expressing a positive outlook, the unionized employees build up their own self-esteem, while hoping their decision was not in vain.

Most employees do not realize how the presence of a union and their external activities can negatively impact the business and their job security, especially in today’s competitive and recovering market. Now is the time for companies to proactively take measures to protect their company and their employees by remaining union-free. The cost of doing nothing is too great a risk.

Industry research* indicates that the cost of managing a unionized facility is 25% to 35% greater than a non-unionized operation. Furthermore, an independent study shows that administrative budgets of unionized plants were 30% higher than their non-union counterparts. Taking these facts into account, consider the following:

• For every full-time unionized worker making $10/hr, labor costs would increase by as much as $9,000 a year.

• For a company that employs 250 workers, unionization would increase labor costs by as much as $6.75 million over a 3-year collective bargaining agreement.

• For a company attempting to maintain a 10% profit margin, with labor costs accounting for 50% of the expenditure, unionization would absorb all positive margins plus account for a potential net-loss of approximately 10% annually.

* Leo Troy, Cornell University; Nat’l Bureau of Economic Research; Bureau of Labor Statistics; Council of Union-free Environments; and the Employment Policy Foundation

Unionization ultimately drives cost of goods higher, extends time on task, and fails to generate customer satisfaction/retention.

Unionization is a choice – a democratic right to every public and private sector worker in the United States protected by federal, state and local law. Unionization, and the preservation of a union-free environment, is also a choice for company leadership. Every company wishing to maintain their union-free status should consider it their responsibility to educate and inform employees of the reality of union representation. More importantly, it is imperative for companies to routinely maintain efficient training for all levels of management on union tactics, signs and symptoms of unionization, and the impact unionization has on a company’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our International Scope

Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants provides human resource and labor relations consulting guidance to a diverse client base encompassing both traditional and alternative institutional client service strategies. PSLC was established in 2002 and is a recognized firm who has provided training seminars around the country the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) and other global Human Resource and Labor Relations organizations throughout the world.

PSLC consists of a wide variety of diverse, multi-lingual professionals across the Americas and beyond. With corporate offices in Detroit, Michigan, PSLC’s global presence incorporates all regions within the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America. PSLC’s Latin American enterprise is managed from its regional office in Medellin-Antioquia, Colombia, South America.

Key Personnel

The difference is experience. PSLC has the skills, experience and credentials required to provide meaningful results to traditional and contemporary business issues. The PSLC team shares a passion for client services and thrives on witnessing the impact of diverse services. The PSLC business model is structured to deploy the right team members from the core and extended team of experienced professionals. As evidenced by clients who come back time and again for help in new areas, PSLC knows expertise is appreciated as much as the ability to make the process a positive experience for everyone. In addition to the team members below, PSLC has a network of Human Resources and Labor/Employment Relations professionals across the globe.

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