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Bob Carroll – Executive Vice President


Bob Carroll – Executive Vice President

Formerly a civil servant, Robert (Bob) Carroll dedicated nearly a decade of his career to a municipality-based fire service. During his tenure, Bob became entrenched within organized labor’s public sector, participating in organizing drives, card solicitation, election processes, and collective bargaining.

Following a distinguishing career in the fire service, Bob was encouraged to further his opportunities through private-sector Emergency Medical Services. Bob was instrumental in leading the organizing charge, which led to the unionization of the company. After being offered a position on the union’s organizing team, he became aware of some of the unscrupulous tactics used to organize his peers without his knowledge. For him, “Organizing the employees was supposed to be about improving life for his coworkers. Instead, the only priorities were building rank and file membership and driving dues money.” Once he realized the realities of unionism and the strategies and tactics used, Bob led a successful charge to decertify the union that he personally brought in.

From that point on, Bob realigned his priorities and began working within the leadership team, focusing on business development and the true opportunity to make a difference for the employees involved. Under Bob’s leadership, the company prospered exponentially, expanding operations into bordering states. While working with EMS leadership, he immersed himself in labor relations with a focus on positive employee relations and found it to be a personal passion.

Soon, Bob followed his heart; eagerly accepting a role with Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants. Today, he serves as Executive Vice President at Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants and is responsible for the day-to-day operations at PSLC as well as the growth and development of innovative service offerings that assist our clients in their efforts to promote positive employee relations without the need for third-party representation.

Bob has a proven track record when it comes to leading PSLC teams in union avoidance campaigns to victory and developing solutions for clients that eliminate their employees’ desire to unionize, while simultaneously increasing their engagement and productivity. He also delivers dynamic, proactive PSLC training programs to client, providing them with a safety net in case a union attempts to organize their employees by demonstrating effective management techniques and hands-on learning that can be utilized the moment the attendees walk out the door to their workforce.

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