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Tim Singhel – General Counsel/Senior Consultant


Tim Singhel – Senior Consultant/Counsel

Tim Singhel is a traditional labor and employment relations counsel and business partner with more than 20 years’ experience working with companies both as an in-house leader and outside consultant. Throughout the course of his career, Tim has successfully opposed unionization both domestically and internationally – never having lost an election, negotiated numerous contracts across the country and across borders – never losing a vote, implemented and overhauled policies, developed training programs, led HR operations teams, and helped companies drive their missions and develop their human capital. His experience spans several industries, including healthcare and medical device, construction, manufacturing, retail, and service companies.
Tim graduated from college and law school striving for expertise in the law so he could help people understand the system and avoid conflict, figuring out why the fires start in the first place, not just be there to put them out when they do. After serving the country by being a federal law clerk for two years, Tim started private practice as a labor and employment attorney, partnering with organizations to fulfill their missions, and serving both their customers and employees by maintaining that direct connection with their workforces, so they could always be best in class and the employer for which everyone wants to work.

In an effort to become an even better business partner and servant leader, Tim spent the second half of his career as an in-house counsel and HR operations/compliance leader, and expanded his role beyond labor and employment law while always maintaining a strong connection to traditional labor relations matters both domestically and internationally. During this time, Tim not only honed his advisor skills, he also came to a greater understanding of business operations generally and working with cross-functional teams within companies at all levels.

Tim’s proven track record has engendered a keen understanding that although there are reasons why employees might want to unionize, fostering better communication, and caring about each employee’s development individually and as part of the overall team, creates a win/win relationship that is a far better means to those ends. Being part of the PSLC team allows Tim to bring his diverse experiences together with that philosophy for our clients’ advantage.

Tim graduated high honors in History with a BA from Colgate University in 1992, and from The College of William and Mary School of Law with a JD in 1995 where he was an Editor on the Law Review. He then clerked for a federal district court judge and a federal appeals court judge before starting private practice as a management side traditional labor relations and employment lawyer in 1997.

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