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Election Issue

05 Feb

By: Ricardo Torres

"Inside Edge" Newsletter

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Today’s headlines!

Barack Obama Elected!
Democrats Gain Foothold In Congress!

What headlines are next?

Employee Free Choice Act Passes?
President Obama Signs EFCA Bill Into Law?

We expect a sea-of-change in labor law and regulation at the federal and state levels during the Obama administration. Permanent Solutions has developed a series of new training and coaching programs to help prepare your team to lead, manage and communicate with employeesand other stakeholders during these turbulent times.

Ricardo Torres – President & CEO

The Change to Win Coalition (CTWC), a union movement which has been campaigning for pro-labor candidates and is led by the AFL-CIO, hasbuilt momentum. They’re lobbying in Washington and state capitals for Draconian legislation that will strip your rights protected under the National Labor Relations Act. For instance, while the U.S. Senate narrowly defeated the Employee Free Choice Act last June, unions have vowed to reintroduce the legislation in 2009. If passed, EFCA would allow unions to circumvent the secret-ballot election procedures established more than 70 years ago by the NLRA.

Baraka Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed have all voted for the Employee Free Choice Act and have made commitments to top union officials to pass this bill as soon as possible.

AFL/CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumpka, in a speech in Pittsburgh, PA, said that the “passage of this bill would increase unionmembership to over 60 million members” in the first 3 years.

At a press conference in Washington D.C. held on January of 2008,AFL/CIO President John Sweeney says that the passage of this bill is the most important goal of the union movement today and no resource willbe spared fighting for it.

On 10/12/2008 at the National Strategic Organizing Committee meeting, Richard Trumpka, (Secretary Treasurer of the AFL-CIO) announcedthey have already one million members and supporters signed up and committed to the passage of this bill in 2009.

The AFL-CIO and CTWC have actively been promoting their million-member status and supporting lobbying groups. They have vowed tofund passage of this bill with over a hundred million dollars.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a review of neutrality laws, like those in California and New York, which prohibit organizations that receive public funding from using any of those funds that have been mischaracterized as union-busting activities.

Our company (Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, Inc) has beenon the cutting edge of union prevention tactics. We have been involved in building a grass roots effort in fighting the passage of HR800 (Employee Free Choice Act) including testifying in front of the Kennedy/Miller Committee in Congress against passage of this Bill.

Our goal is to assist you in preparing your organization for whatwill most likely be several years of reinvigorated unions, which will affect the cost of operating an effective business.

As a former Teamsters and Steelworkers official, who has worked with the AFL/CIO and almost every major union in both Healthcare and NonHealthcare industries, I’ve been “on the inside” of more than 750 organizing campaigns. We provide an inside edge with the knowledge of union organizing coming from former top-level union officials. We understand union strategies, used proactive tactics and know how to protect our clients from unionization. Our win rate is nearly 100 percent.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about these newofferings or to discuss other labor-related services – employee relations, organization improvement, and corporate communications – thatyou will need in the months ahead.

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