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06 Feb
An Examination of Strikes in the US throughout History to Today

It seems that almost every day, we hear about more labor strikes and threats of strikes across the US, and around the world. I always preach to anyone who will listen that it is important to be educated on union and social movements and tactics that could affect your company and employees; very few union actions are spontaneous. Join me as I explore the history of strikes and labor disputes in the US, examine Labor’s origins in Anarchism, offer a structural analysis of the current state of unions, explain why strikes are making a come-back, and conclude with suggestions on how to avoid them in your organization.
Read More “Strikes”

06 Feb
Strikes – Another Slash in Death by a Thousand Cuts
The Newest Attack from the NLRB’s Campaign against Management

Labor and management have consistently struggled to overturn the balance of power between them. Throughout every industry, since guilds first formed to benefit artisansthrough to today’s bloated and top-heavy labor unions, both sides have circled each other, probing the other’s weaknesses in order to prepare to either implement or fight work stoppages (strikes). Read More “Strikes – Another Slash in Death by a Thousand Cuts”

06 Feb
Stormy Weather Ahead
Lessons from Wall Street

Union strategists have presented management with many surprises over the past few years within the union movement. The results of these strategies are going to change some of the fundamental ways in which they operate. Read More “Stormy Weather Ahead”

06 Feb
September 2007
The unions are trying a “back door approach” to increase their membership numbers. They have tried and failed to get their controversial HR 800 bill passed by Congress. Now they are petitioning the NLRB to grant them the right to force employers to bargain with unions, even when they don’t represent a majority of the work force. Read More “September 2007”

06 Feb
Right to Work & Union Organizing
Working your Way through the Facts and Myths

Several historically pro-union states have recently passed or are actively considering Right to Work legislation. Read on to find out how these changes affect union organizing strategies and may affect you and your company. Read More “Right to Work & Union Organizing”

06 Feb
Response to “Tactics or Coincidence”
The Chipolte Mexican Grill Immigrant Labor Force Case

A Response to Tactics or Coincidence by Mark Lema

Mark’s article is very interesting, and in fact touches a sore spot within my heart. Read More “Response to “Tactics or Coincidence””

06 Feb
Remember the “Twinkie”
A Look inside the Inner Workings of a Strike

Unions have destroyed a beloved institution in America. Read on to find our interpretation of the motivation behind the final downfall of Hostess Read More “Remember the “Twinkie””

06 Feb
Public Unions:
Last Bastion of the Middle Class

The labor movement has received more attention in the last month than it has since the PATCO strike in 1981. State governors, starting with New Jersey to the dramatic confrontation between state employees and the governor of Wisconsin, are in essence addressing a symptom of much greater importance – the decline of the American middle class. The standard of living in the US has declined in the past 30 years. Americanfamilies are working more hours to maintain a standard of living that once could be supported by a single wage earner. In order to maintain that comfort level of 30 years ago, it has brought about the need for second wage earners followed by the leveraging through home equity mortgages and credit cards to augment stagnant salaries. The disturbing question is how many families could live on a single salary? Read More “Public Unions:”

06 Feb
Public Angst – The Perfect Climate for Union Growth

AFL-CIO President, Richard Trumka’s union initiative to revamp their public image and rebuild theirmembership levels is starting to pay off for the unions who are riding the current wave of activism that are exploding throughout the U.S. (andthe world). Read More “Public Angst – The Perfect Climate for Union Growth”

06 Feb
Overview of Union Salting Tactics

As a former high-ranking union official, I know first hand that union’s have many tactics, which they use in their attempts to organize new members. Salting, as a practice, is a fundamental tactic used by theunions, which haven’t changed much over the years. Union’s do adapt to different situations based on campaign needs. Depending on the circumstances and the “terrain” of the camping, operating a clandestine organizing drive (undercover) will usually be the best way to infiltratethe workforce with little to no resistance from management. After all, this is an extremely effective way to insert a “spy”, agitate issues andpull workers towards the union organizer. The Salt is someone implantedinto an organization to create issues (or exasperate existing issues). Remember, the Salt is not looking for possible solutions to issues. The Salt is seeking to cause chaos and dissention within the workforce. Thisis their true purpose Read More “Overview of Union Salting Tactics”

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