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Healthcare and the Unions

06 Feb

By: Ricardo Torres

PSLabor Talk

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What’s Your Weakest Link?

Today, we’ll be exploring the healthcare industry and their vulnerability to union attacks.

Ricardo Torres,
Bob Carroll
Clifford L. Hammond

On this episode of PSLabor Talk, Ricardo Torres, President & CEO of PSLC, and Bob Carroll, Executive Vice President of PSLC, are joined by Maureen Henson, SPHR, and Clifford Hammond of Nemeth Burwell. Today, we’ll be exploring the healthcare industry and their vulnerability to union attacks. As other industries are seeing a sharp decrease in union membership, the healthcare industry has not seen the same decrease and remains in the unions’ sights. Our goal is to shed some light on how unions target healthcare organizations and to provide an Inside Edge insight into how you can insulate your organization to union attacks through a few simple steps and positive employee relations.

We are joined by Ricardo Torres, the President and CEO of Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants. Mr. Torres is a former high level union official who has worn many hats and has been charged with many ventures that helped form the union landscape we see today. One such venture was when he was charged with putting together several high profile mergers of healthcare unions and other unions to make the healthcare industry a viable long-term target for expanding union membership across the U.S. and other countries.

We are also joined by our frequent guest, Cliff Hammond of Nemeth Burwell. Mr. Hammond is a seasoned labor attorney who now represents management exclusively. Mr. Hammond also has previous experience on the union side, having served as an attorney with the SEIU. Mr. Hammond brings valuable legal insight from both sides of the table.

In addition, we are joined by first time guest, Maureen Henson. Ms. Henson has many years of experience working as an HR Executive in the healthcare industry. Ms. Henson has successfully worked through union campaigns and has vast experience in promoting a union free work environment. Ms. Henson has done this by developing programs that are designed to not only remain union free but to also promote a positive employee/management experience that carries on past the work environmentand delves into the quality of patient care and over all positive impression of the healthcare systems that she has provide HR leadership through.

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