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Labor Relations and the Trump Administration

06 Feb

By: Ricardo Torres

PSLabor Talk

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How We Can Expect Labor/Employment Law to Change

While President Trump has not said much regarding Labor/Employment concerns as he approaches the end of his first 100 days in office, we can predict much based on his actions so far.

Ricardo Torres,
Bob Carroll
Clifford L. Hammond

In this episode of PSLabor Talk host Bob Carroll is joined by PSLabor’s President, Ricardo Torres, and Foster Swift attorney, Clifford Hammond to discuss what to expect in the areas of labor relations and labor law under the Trump administration.

While President Trump has not specifically addressed labor and employment issues in any detail, there are plenty of changes that we canpredict based on his actions so far. While change can be expected, we will demonstrate that it will not come as quickly and easily as many in corporate leadership may have thought.

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